AyyBot is a versatile Telegram bot designed to provide users with a range of cryptocurrency trading tools and safety features. This documentation outlines the functionalities of AyyBot and guides users on how to utilize its features effectively.

Register Bot

The Register Bot feature is a streamlined process that guides users through creating or importing, and then verifying their cryptocurrency wallets with AyyBot. This ensures a secure and personalized trading experience.


1. Initiate the process by sending the /start command to AyyBot.

2. Choose Create to generate a new wallet or Import to add an existing wallet by providing the necessary credentials.

3. Once your wallet is created or imported, the Verify option will become available.

4. Use the verification feature to confirm your wallet's readiness for engaging with AyyBot's trading functionalities.

Please note that verification is only possible after the creation or importation of your wallet; it cannot precede these steps.

Sniper Bot:

The Sniper Bot is a powerful tool within AyyBot that enables users to swiftly purchase new tokens as they are listed. It is designed to interact with the ETH Deployer channel, where it can detect and act on new token listings.


  1. Begin by sending the /start command to AyyBot.
  2. AyyBot will prompt you to enter the token address you wish to snipe.
  3. Next, specify the amount you want to allocate for the purchase.
  4. Choose the wallet from which you want to conduct the buy operation.
  5. Confirm your selections, and AyyBot will be ready to snipe tokens from the ETH Deployer channel based on your input.

By following these steps, you can set up AyyBot to automatically execute buy orders for newly listed tokens, ensuring you don't miss out on potential opportunities.

Automated Sell Signal Integration:

After successfully sniping a token, AyyBot's sniper bot will automatically generate a sell signal. This signal includes a pre-filled message with the token details, which is sent directly to the user. Here's how it works:


  1. Snipe Confirmation: Once the sniper bot has executed a buy order, it will immediately prepare a sell signal.
  2. Sell Message: The sell signal is sent as a message to the user, containing all the necessary token details for a potential sell order.
  3. User Action: Upon receiving the sell message, the user can choose to execute the sell order through AyyBot by simply confirming within the message.
  4. Seamless Transaction: This integration ensures a smooth transition from buying to selling, allowing users to capitalize on market opportunities swiftly.

By adding this automated process, AyyBot enhances the user experience by providing a convenient and efficient way to manage both buy and sell orders within the same platform.

Sell Bot:

The Sell Bot feature within AyyBot automates the selling process, enabling users to execute sell orders based on predefined conditions. It simplifies the selling procedure by interacting with the user to gather necessary details before performing the transaction.


  1. Initiate the Sell Bot by sending the /start command to AyyBot.
  2. A/ yBot will request the token address for the token you wish to sell.
  3. pecify the amount of the token you want to sell.
  4. lect the wallet you intend to use for the sale. AyyBot will execute the sell order from the chosen wallet address.
  5. Confirm your settings, and AyyBot will handle the selling process according to the conditions you've set.

By following these steps, you can configure AyyBot to manage your sell orders, ensuring that your tokens are sold as per your specified criteria.

Safety Options:

AyyBot comes with a suite of safety features that users can manually enable to protect themselves from common risks in the cryptocurrency market. These features are designed to be user-activated, giving you control over when and how they are applied during trading.

Anti-Rug Mode:

Before making a purchase, you can enable Anti-Rug Mode to screen tokens and prevent investments in potential 'rug pulls'. AyyBot will alert you to any signs of fraudulent activity associated with the token.

How to Enable: • Click on the Anti-Rug Mode option before confirming a buy or sell transaction.

Degen Mode:

Engage in high-risk, high-reward trading with an added layer of safety by activating Degen Mode. This feature implements additional checks to manage the risks associated with degen trading.

How to Enable: • Select the Degen Mode option before executing a trade.

Transfer on Blacklist Mode:

Protect your investments by enabling Transfer on Blacklist Mode. If a token you hold is added to a blacklist, AyyBot will automatically transfer it out to prevent potential losses.

How to Enable: • Choose the Transfer on Blacklist Mode option before a transaction to activate this feature.

Slippage Control Mode:

Set a maximum slippage tolerance for your trades to avoid excessive losses due to price movements. AyyBot will respect this limit for each transaction.

How to Enable: • Adjust the Slippage Control Mode settings before placing a trade to set your desired slippage tolerance.

Getting Started To use AyyBot, add it to your Telegram and follow the wallet registration process. Once your wallet is linked, you can manually activate each safety feature as needed, customizing AyyBot to fit your trading style and risk preference.